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Our Story

Once upon a time, in a world at the crossroads of escalating energy demands and pressing environmental concerns, a beacon of hope emerged. TruAlt Bioenergy, stood as a potent force for sustainable progress, with a resolute determination to revolutionize energy systems while safeguarding the planet Earth.

TruAlt Bioenergy's journey to becoming Asia's Largest Biofuel Company was a deliberate ascent, achieved step by step. Starting as India's first dedicated bioenergy company in 2021, in pioneering the shift to a low-carbon energy landscape, recognizing the critical importance of sustainable energy and clean mobility we scaled our operations. Today, we proudly operate five 1G ethanol producing units, with a capacity of 2 million liters per day making us India’s largest ethanol producer. Our pursuit of a greener future doesn't end here. We are also involved in the production of Compressed Biogas (CBG) as a key component of our initiatives. At present, our production stands at 10 tons per day.

(CBG) serves as a promising beginning, and we have ambitious plans for exponential growth in the coming years. At the very heart of TruAlt's philosophy lay an all-encompassing approach to sustainability, echoing through every facet of our operations. We hold in high regard the significance of safeguarding biodiversity, considering it the bedrock of planetary health.

Central to TruAlt Bioenergy's remarkable journey is the dynamic leadership of our Managing Director, Mr. Vijay Nirani. With visionary insights and commitment, Mr. Nirani steers the company towards greater heights, shaping the energy landscape through innovation, sustainable practices, and a dedication to a brighter, greener future. His leadership embodies the ethos of TruAlt Bioenergy, inspiring teams to work cohesively and drive positive change on both local and global scales. Under his dynamic leadership, we're moving closer to our vision of a brighter, greener future, where energy and environmental harmony coexist, enriching lives while preserving the Earth for generations to come.

Our devotion to sustainability extends wholeheartedly to our people, right from our farmers to our end consumers upholding human rights, ensuring safety, and nurturing well-being as the cornerstone of our endeavors. Meticulous environmental stewardship has been a hallmark of TruAlt's identity, as we managed the environmental impact of our operations and championed the core principles of a circular economy. But TruAlt's commitment is far-sighted, we’ve understood the pivotal role in shaping the trajectories of communities. Our ground-breaking initiatives keep empowering communities, sparking a ripple effect of progress and sustainable growth of the local economies. We invest significantly in cutting- edge research and development initiatives, continually refining and enhancing our offerings for making sustainable mobility and greener future a reality.

At TruAlt Bioenergy, we actively sought partnerships with governmental bodies, research institutions, and businesses to foster a collective approach to addressing environmental challenges. These partnerships amplify our impact and contribute to the larger mission of creating a more sustainable world. We actively engage in outreach programs to educate communities about the benefits of renewable energy sources and the role individuals could play in mitigating climate change.

Our conviction has been deeply rooted in the understanding that the desire for improved living standards within a burgeoning global population would inevitably drive the demand for energy in the years to come. Simultaneously, the urgency to combat the specter of climate change fueled a global transition toward a low-carbon energy paradigm.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of energy – “To elevate lives, enrich communities, propel human advancement, and sustain the planet.” As our business operations expand, so do the initiatives we undertake to ensure an enduring legacy of protecting the planet we all call home. On the downstream front, we actively pursue a strategy to bolster our non-crude oil businesses and foster tighter integration across our upstream and downstream operations. We are constantly viewing product diversification and global integration as the means to fortify our commitment to a brighter, greener future.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is fostering a circular economy, empowering agriculture, strengthening local communities, addressing environmental issues, and making sustainability a tangible reality.


We aspire to lead the Global Energy Transformation Story , with innovation, cutting edge technological progress and creating Wealth from Waste.


We are on a mission to spearhead the global transition to a sustainable, cyclical and self-reliant economy and significantly contribute to achieving Net-zero emissions. We aim to drive the adoption of cleaner sources of energy, enhancing energy security and creating an era where sustainability is the norm.