Our Leader

Mr. Anand Murugan

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Anand Murugan serves as the Chief Technology OXicer at TruAlt Bioenergy, embodying a consummate professional with a multifaceted skill set that encompasses chemical engineering, organic/inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and industrial fermentation. With an illustrious career spanning over 32 years, Mr. Murugan has constantly demonstrated exceptional leadership prowess in operating distillery units specializing in RS/MENA/GENA/Ethanol/Malt Spirit & IMFL production, showcasing a profound understanding of both molasses and grain-based operations. In his capacity as CTO, he demonstrates acumen in project management, orchestrating the entire gamut from meticulous site selection and rigorous adherence to statutory requirements to the discerning selection of vendors. Mr. Murugan consistently upholds the highest industry standards, prioritizing safety through EHS initiatives, overseeing maintenance with precision, optimizing cost structures, ensuring stringent quality cont