Our Product

Dispensing Station

Franchisee for a comprehensive destination offering petrol, diesel, E100 fuel, Bio CNG, CBG, EV charging, battery swapping, and essential retail services.


Vehicle Refueling: The primary purpose of fuel dispensing stations is to provide a convenient location for drivers to fill their vehicles with fuel.

Variety of Fuel Types: Offers a wide range of fuel types, catering to different vehicles and their specific fuel requirements, including petrol, diesel, E 100 Fuel, Bio CBG, and EV Charging Points.

Convenience Store and Amenities: Our Fuel Stations include convenience stores, restrooms, and other amenities for customers to enhance their experience and meet additional needs.

Vehicle Maintenance and Services: Fuel stations offer basic vehicle maintenance and services, such as oil changes, tire inflation, and car wash facilities.

Emergency Fuel Supply: Fuel stations can serve as sources of emergency fuel during natural disasters or power outages, ensuring that vehicles can continue to operate.